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Gastric Tablet


Gastric Tablet

Rs 1,220/Unit

Dosage Form Tablet
Usage Clinical, Hospital, Personal
Product Type Finished Product
Minimum Order Quantity 500 Unit
Hingwastak churna, rock salt (sindhav) 40 mg
Black salt (sanchal), ajamodadi churna 40 mg
  • 100% Pure ayurveda
  • Cash on delivery available
  • 10 Days return
Product Description

We are engaged in offering Gastro Tablet.


Quick relax from distress of gas trouble

Correct gastric secretion

Check fermentation and flatulence

Relieves from discomfort and agitation by gas trouble. Act digestive appetizer.

Aids digestion after heavy, irregular thick meals.

Relax from vomiting by indigestion, anorexia, heartburns and other stomachic/gastric distresses


Each film coated tablet contains

Hingwastak churna, rock salt (sindhav) 40 mg
Black salt (sanchal), ajamodadi churna 40 mg
Peueedanum groveolens (suwa) 20 mg
Shankh bhasma 10mg
Trikatu (sunth mari. Pippali) 100 mg
(Citras acida) nimbu ka stava 10 mg
Sajikhar 20 mg
Kodi bhasma 10 mg
Extract derived from:
Terminalio chebula (siva) 60 mg
Ipomoea tur pel hum (nasotar) 10 mg
Plumbago zeyfanica (chitrak) 10 mg
Excipients qs
Colour lake of black iron oxide
  1. 60 tab in container pack, 1000 tab. In jar pack
  2. 30 cap. In container pack, 500 cap. In jar pack
  1. Quick relax of gas trouble
  2. Corrects gastric secretion
  3. Nausea - flatulence - dyspepsia
  4. Useful in hiccup - bilious vomiting and colicky pains - corrects
  5. Digestive functions
  6. Restore appetite
  1. Tablet: 2 tablets 3 times a day

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